Corporate Management

Michael Magnus
President and CEO

Mike Magnus's experience in the areas of corporate strategy development, mergers and acquisitions and business development will ensure strong leadership for Shear Wind.

For the past fifteen years, Mr. Magnus was Executive Vice-President of Clearwater Seafood Limited Partnership ("Clearwater"), a publicly listed company on the TSX (Toronto Stock Exchange). His direction and responsibility included the development and overseeing of all initiatives pertaining to marketing, sales, new product development and logistics, both domestically and internationally. Mr. Magnus' vision was to build markets and strategic partnerships in countries such as Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, U.K., France, Scandinavia, Russia, Germany and the U.S., which he achieved. This achievement caused the company to embark on a rapid growth curve with sales growing over the span of 12 years from 100 million dollars to in excess of $350 million dollars.

Additionally, he initiated the foundation of Ocean Nutrition Canada, a naturally based supplier of marine products. His extensive network and strategic foresight worked well in completing various acquisition and startup projects in both Europe and Asia. Prior to Clearwater, Mr. Magnus served in various senior management capacities at Kraft General Foods.

Ian Tillard
Chief Operating Officer

Ian Tillard received a Bachelor of Applied Sciences degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Waterloo. Mr. Tillard has five (5) years of wind energy experience in senior technical, planning and managerial roles; specifically as President of Barrington Wind Energy Ltd., a Nova Scotia wind energy exploration and development company.

Mr. Tillard also has 25 years of experience with engineering and project management firms to deliver infrastructure and energy consulting, planning, engineering and construction expertise, with Project Management experience gained while providing services to a range of medium to large engineering firms, including EastPoint Engineering, AMEC Americas, and Whitman Benn & Associates. Mr. Tillard provides technical consulting and management skills with a focus on timely project delivery within budgeted targets.

Bill Bartlett
Chief Financial Officer

Bill joined Shear Wind Inc on December 1, 2006 after spending the last eleven years within the Clearwater Fine Foods Inc. group of companies. Bill held the position of Controller for Clearwater's Clam Division in Newfoundland and for the last seven years held the position of Vice President, Finance & Administration for Ocean Nutrition Canada, a global supplier of Omega -3 ingredients to the dietary supplement and healthy food markets. Previous experience includes senior positions within the hotel, airline and aerospace industries.

Bill is responsible for the oversight of all financial matters within Shear Wind, including, but not limited to, treasury, financial accounting, financial management, management reporting systems and corporate affairs. Bill has a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of New Brunswick and is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) being a member of the Society of Management Accountants of Nova Scotia since 1992.

Louise Clarke
Vice President

Louise is a professional in business development, promotion of company growth, and network building. Most recenltly her experience has been in the evaluation of renewable energy and environmental innovations. Other experience has been involving project management in financial resource and investment opportunities. Louise holds a degree in Business Administration and was a founding member of Vindt Resources Inc.

Vindt Resources Inc. - Calgary

Vindt Resources Inc., based in Calgary Alberta, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Shear Wind Inc. Vindt Resources was instrumental in building the foundation of Shear Wind's Alberta projects.



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